Why Is Quality Of Backlinks More Important Than Quantity For Your SEO Success?

There is an ongoing debate in the internet marketing circles about what is more important, quality of backlinks, or is it the quantity of your backlinks.

While some experts argue that the quality of backlinks is definitely important, others say that the quality does not matter that much, as long as they are posted in high authority websites.

In this post, we shall look at both the aspects, and find out which practice is better for the success of your SEO campaigns. Before getting into it, let us quickly look at what backlinking is in digital marketing.

Backlinks are basically the link URLs of your web pages getting published on other websites, preferably of high authority and popularity. These links are either published as naked URL links itself, or as contextual links, where they hyperlinked to some important keywords or text, related to your business.

Backlinking benefits in 2 different ways:

  1. One way is to target audiences from sites that publish your contents and links. It is also highly beneficial for local SEO campaigns, where businesses look to attract audiences from a certain localized region.
  2. When the search engine robots discover that your website is getting traffic from high authority websites, they will award it with better research rankings. Eventually, it improves the possibility of your web pages appearing on the first page of search results.

Now, going back to the topic of quantity vs. quality of backlinks. Let us first find out how much the quantity of backlinks matters in today’s SEO environment.

Does quantity matter anymore?

In the past, businesses have indeed benefited by posting tons of backlinks and substandard contents in high-ranking blogs and article directories. However, the environment has changed quite significantly now.

Search engines have also evolved over the years. Now they have come up with new and advanced algorithms that can identify the quality of contents associated with the backlinks. They are also capable of checking if the contents are published in websites with relevant niche or not. After these algorithm updates were rolled out, many high ranking websites also came down crashing. They lost their rankings overnight.

Now even the article directories use real proofreaders to check the quality of contents, before providing approvals for publishing them.

Now with that being the case, we can safely say that solely the quantity of backlinks will not help in improving the effectiveness of global or local SEO campaigns. The emphasis has to be on the quality of backlinks that you create for your business websites.

Important Elements of Good Quality Backlinks

  • Proper keyword research, so that they can be used naturally with the contents
  • Right choice of topics that can help in arousing the interests of potential customers or clients
  • Contents created by real writers, and not with some spinning software
  • Proper proofreading to ensure that there are no grammatical or informational errors
  • Ensuring that the contents are unique and not copied from any other online or offline resources
  • Proper outreach plan for publishing contents on relevant and high authority blogs

Although good quality backlinks are important, you cannot overlook the importance of quantity either. That does not, however, mean that you will have to keep publishing tons of substandard contents on the internet. You will have to maintain some kind of balance with quantity, but quality cannot be compromised.

As long as you keep publishing good quality contents, it will definitely help in improving the effectiveness of your internet marketing campaigns.

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