Top 4 Website Designing Trends & Predictions for 2020

It is mid-2019 and hope your website is performing awesome in terms of search engine rankings, traffic, user engagement and conversions. Now it’s time to chalk out your strategy for 2020. How can you make your website better? What are the ways to boost your search engine rankings? What tweaks can be made to your site to drive more traffic, engage them and increase sales?

The answer is – augment your website design first. While other elements such as Search Engine Optimisation, PPC advertising, Social Media Marketing and Analytics do play an integral role in overall website performance, web design is the first thing your target audiences come across. If that isn’t impressive enough, it will take just seconds for your website visitors to bounce back or switch to some other site. However, website designing isn’t a child’s play. While having a knack and expertise in creative designing is essential, it is also vital to stay abreast with the latest trends driving the industry.

Keeping this in mind, we have shared the top 4 trends and predictions that will help you build a winning website in 2020 – a site that is awe-inspiring, responsive, user-friendly and functional. Let’s get started.

Bold Typography Will Top the Trends

As designers continuously face the challenge of simplifying their website design, it seems bold typography will rule the trends in 2020. Many websites are already leveraging the power of oversized lettering and its importance will further grow in the coming year.

In a scenario where the attention span of a website visitor is just 5 seconds, bold and vivid typography in your website design can instantly catch their attention. Brand messages and Call-to-Actions are best conveyed in oversized and loud lettering because it hits the mind of the visitors in a powerful way. They will want to read more and perhaps, will come down through your sales funnel with effective lead nurturing.

Check out the new web design templates at WordPress to get a good idea.

Dynamic Content – Illustrations, GIFs, Animations and Videos

Yes; we know integrating dynamic content into your site makes it low-speed, which is one of the top reasons why your visitors bounce back. However, it is also one of the most effective ways to attract and engage your audience. There are various ways you can use dynamic content to make your website stand out. Seek expert consultation from a reputable web design company to learn more.    

Chat Bots

Chat Bots have already picked up momentum but there is more to go. They are AI-powered programs that replicate a person-to-person conversation, without any human being actually involved in the initial process. They provide instant response to customer queries when they seek support on your website. The biggest advantage of Chat Bots is you can build a strong credibility by extending customer support 24×7, even when your support staff is not available. So do not overlook the potential of Chat Bots in the upcoming year.

Voice User Interface

No; we aren’t talking about Alexa or Google Voice Search. But you can definitely integrate the same concept into your website to make it stand out. The trend is in its nascent shape but is expected to become a new normal in the coming year. VUI makes your site extremely user-friendly and interactive. And that’s what great website designing is all about.       

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