Top 3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes That You Should Stop Making Outright

Today, there are 3.2 billion daily active social media users. The number is colossal – almost 40% of the total population – and businesses cannot afford to miss grabbing on this stupendous opportunity. Therefore, having a dedicated Social Media Marketing strategy is the essence to effectively leverage the powerful ‘digital’ platform, build a strong brand identity, attract and engage audiences, and generate sales. However, many marketers tend to misunderstand what Social Media Marketing is all about. The result – mistakes that can cost their brand image and customer base!

Discussed here are the top 3 SMM mistakes to avoid right now. Find out if there is anything you are doing wrong.

#1: SMM and SMO – Getting the Fine Line of Difference Wrong

While both Social Media Marketing and Social Media Optimisation let you harness the unfathomed potential of ‘social media’, considering them as same is one of the biggest blunders you can do. Overlooking the difference may change the purpose and impact of your SMM strategy.

Social Media Optimisation, or SMO, is the process of optimising different elements of a website and its content to make it viable for sharing across different social media platforms. On the other hand, Social Media Marketing is the subsequent step to SMO that involves sharing and promoting the ‘optimised’ website and its content on a range of social media channels with the intent to build a powerful brand image, promote products and services, and attract more audience.

Therefore, your job doesn’t finish by optimising your site and thinking social media traffic will flow in automatically. You ought to have a comprehensive marketing plan that follows Social Media Optimisation to ensure your website gets the maximum visibility on social media.

#2: Not Having an SMM Strategy in Place

When asked whether they have a dedicated Social Media Marketing plan in place, most marketers shy away. They post things now and again on their social media pages or share their website content on social media, thinking that would attract fans and followers. But that is not what SMM is all about? It’s called a lack of strategy.

Before you dive into social media, it is imperative to chalk out a definitive strategy that outlines – marketing goals, your SMM budget, what resources to leverage, action plan to achieve the goals and measuring the results.

#3: Considering All Social Media Platforms to be the Same

This is another big mistake that many businesses make – posting the same content with the same creative across different social media platforms. The result – they are unable to make the most out of each social network!

It is crucial to understand that marketing on each social media platform works differently from one another. For example, Facebook Ads have unique strengths and features, and target a distinct audience base, buying behaviour and demographics than ads on Instagram or Twitter. So an ad that works great on Facebook may not render desired results on other platforms. Therefore, it is important to have a tailored approach to diverse social media networks.

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