Getting Your Digital Marketing Campaign on the Right Track

Trust our word when we say “going digital” is one of the key forces driving the marketing arena today. Digital Marketing, when done right, is the magic mantra that helps fuel business growth. And why not! In India alone, the total penetration of unique mobile users is 5.11 billion (67%), whereas there are a whopping 4.39 billion Internet users (57%) today, according to a report published on January 2019. Amongst this, active social media users comprise of 3.48 billion (45%).

The numbers are huge…and compelling enough to influence businesses to leverage the power of Digital Marketing.

However, online marketing isn’t just about creating an awesome website, posting on social media or investing in some paid advertisements on the web. To attain your goals, it is imperative to have a sound marketing campaign in place.

In this blog, we will discuss ways to make your Internet marketing campaign full-proof, ensuring revenue-driven results. Let’s dive in:

5 Ways to Ensure Digital Marketing Success in India

Discussed here are proven ways to ensure your web marketing campaign is on the right track.

#1: Have a Winning Strategy

Success in marketing comes only when you are clear about what to achieve and how. That is why it is important to have an effective strategy in place – one that is realistic, unambiguous and easy to comprehend. One of the biggest mistakes that marketers do is spending money on digital platforms but without having a definitive purpose or goal. Take, for example, investing thousands of Rupees on Google Ads (PPC) without implementing a way to track conversions or campaign success.

Unless you know what you are doing, where your marketing budget is going, how to track and what results to expect, you cannot achieve success in today’s fast-paced online marketing arena.

#2: Focus on Improving Your Website Traffic  

Your brand has 10,000+ followers on Instagram and Facebook. You have an amazing blog with a high readership. You regularly publish articles to keep your audience informed. That sounds great! But are these digital marketing tactics fetching you high website traffic?

Remember, individual marketing initiatives may aid in broader social media reach or list building. But the objective should be to direct greater traffic to your website – the ultimate platform to educate, engage and convert your visitors into paying customers.

Therefore, it is vital to monitor your website traffic to understand which Internet marketing campaign is driving more audience and where you should focus.

Here are some valuable tips for you to improve overall website traffic:

  • Create result-oriented PPC ads directing to a compelling landing page with a Call-to-Action
  • Optimise all web pages with right keyword positioning, valuable content, structure, formatting and high-authority backlinks
  • Publish rich web blogs
  • Use multiple social media platforms to promote your content

#3: Define Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is one that captures comprehensive information of your target customer. This does not just include buyer demographics but other kinds of data too – buyer interests, hobbies, personal lifestyle, Internet browsing habits etc. All these together will help you understand their buying behaviour, spending habits, which web platforms they spend the most time on, what kind of websites they visit, etc. This can help your brand target the right prospect, at the right platform and with the right kind of product or service offering.

#4: Fuel Your Digital Marketing Campaign with Social Media

Did you know that 30% of the total time spent on the Internet now goes to social media interactions? So now is the best time to harness its potential to keep your web marketing campaign on the right path. Reach more people, be active socially and whenever you add new content to your website, never miss adding a link to it on relevant social media posts. This will help build credibility, increase website traffic and boost sales.

#5: Do Not Overlook the Power of Tracking Your Campaign

Tracking your digital marketing campaign is imperative. Unless you know where your strategies are heading to, it is impossible to derive results from them. Powerful tools like Google Analytics can help you monitor how each campaign is performing, which is doing best, where you have to focus more, what are the bottlenecks, and other valuable data.

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